About URX

Ultimate RepairX is a patented high potency formula targeting pain caused by all types of conditions and injuries. Ultimate RepairX is extremely effective and will get you back on your game as soon as possible with NO unwanted side effects.

Made with a 100% natural & patented matrix of ingredients designed to work in the extracellular matrix (ECM) between cells to alleviate acute & chronic pain, inflammation, and restore tissue.

Injury, disease, and the aging process can cause alterations, distress, or dysfunction of ECM tissue resulting in pain, inflammation, and chronic conditions. URX is carefully formulated after decades of research and clinically validated to deliver soothing, healing, & restorative ingredients where needed most to stabilize the ECM and restore healthy tissue function quickly and effectively.

The result is both rapid and long-lasting relief and recovery!

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Customer Testimonials

Fast Results

"The first day of using URX I began to feel relief. Now the pain has almost totally subsided after 3 days."

— R. Bartlett

Stay in the Game

"I received pain relief fairly quickly. I experienced relief within a few minutes and was able to stay playing when normally I would have to sit out."

— D. Jones

NBA Hall of Famer/ Pickleball Pro

"Recovery is JUST as important to my performance as my pickleball paddle. That's why I use it."

— Rick Barry

Pro Pickleball Player

"I use it for recovery during and after my matches and I play all 3 events. It’s just amazing how fresh I feel throughout the rigors of tournament play."

— Jay Devilliers


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