8 Ways to Feel Better in 2023

8 Ways to Feel Better in 2023

New year, new you? If that’s your resolution, go for it! For the rest of us, some simple changes can make 2023 better. It’s all about how you feel, so focus on your well-being rather than wishing for something to happen to you. With these eight ways to feel better in 2023, you’ll kick off the year with a bang and keep the momentum going for the next 12 months.

Get More Sleep

Hitting “snooze” for the fifth time may seem necessary, but if you get enough sleep overall, you’ll be able to rise and shine like the sun. Get to bed at a reasonable hour and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep. Keep the room pitch black, not too warm, and quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Turn off the TV and put your smartphone aside at least an hour before bedtime.

You will notice how refreshed you’ll feel in the morning, with enough energy to get through the day—no more nodding off at the office or skipping your workout session!

Drink More Water

Staying well-hydrated is essential for overall health. Your body weight is composed of 50-70% water; without enough water, the body’s systems won’t function at their peak. Regardless of if you’re thirsty, the body loses water all day through breathing, urination, and perspiration (even if you don’t notice it).

When you have enough water in your system, you will feel more alert and invigorated, and your cognitive abilities will improve. Water delivers nutrients to the cells of the body and helps prevent infections.

We have been told to aim for eight glasses of water daily, which is doable. Remember, you will also get fluid from other beverages, plus through certain foods you eat, especially fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate. After that New Year’s champagne toast, be conservative with the alcohol! Also, limit your sugary drink consumption to keep your blood sugar in check.

Relieve Pain from Inflammation

You can’t feel good if you are in pain. Sounds obvious, but many people push through the pain and try to get on with their daily lives. But they’re not living it to the fullest. If you experience muscle and joint aches and pains due to injury or inflammation, don’t let it get the best of you.

If you are not interested in taking medication for relief, consider an all-natural topical cream like Ultimate RepairX™. Made from organic ingredients like aloe vera, this cream absorbs quickly into the skin and helps restore tissue damaged by inflammation. You’ll experience less swelling and stiffness, allowing you to get back to the activities you love, whether that’s running after the kids or running a marathon!


You don’t have to be a social butterfly or the life of the party to squeeze in some regular socialization. Hanging out with just one friend or family member every once in a while can benefit your mental and physical health. It may even reduce your risk of dementia. Studies have shown that people with a social network tend to live longer lives, with better health along the way.

If you can’t get together in person, try a Zoom call or an online chat. A phone call goes a long way too. Want to meet new people? Try volunteering, joining a club or team, or getting a gym membership…and actually go!

Be Positive

Just turn on the news, and you’ll be reminded of all the hardships and hassles happening worldwide. It’s a given that not everything will be excellent all the time. From politics to pandemics, there’s plenty to be perturbed about.

OK, so how are you going to react? While you shouldn’t ignore reality, there are many reasons to look on the bright side of things. Think of what makes you happy, even if it’s your morning latte or seeing a smile on someone’s face.

Foster gratitude by reminding yourself of what’s good in your life. Consider every day a blessing, and you’ll feel happier from the start. Your “feel-good” mentality could be contagious, making those around you more optimistic and motivated.

Get Moving

Speaking of motivation, when was the last time you worked up a sweat? No judgment, just a reminder that exercise is essential. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder, but a brisk walk would be nice. Make exercise fun so it won’t feel like work. Please do what you enjoy, whether dancing, swimming, or pickleball.

When you exercise regularly, you will keep yourself healthier, both physically and mentally. Regular exercise also helps with sleep…and sex, as it can boost your confidence and increase arousal. Who’s ready for a workout?

Eat Nutritiously

Along with exercise, healthy eating is everything. “You are what you eat” is not just a cliché. Enjoy a well-balanced diet of whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast, grab small and smart snacks throughout the day, and don’t eat dinner too late, as it can interfere with a good night’s sleep.

If you need diet advice, your doctor or nutritionist can steer you in the right direction. Remember, everything in moderation makes for a manageable lifestyle.

Feeling good is for everyone. The New Year is all about possibilities and persistence.
Treat yourself well…you’re worth it!

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