Our Mission

Ultimate RepairX™ is part of the AloeMD™ family of brands. The AloeMD™ company was born out of a desire to provide alternative solutions to modern-day health issues utilizing natural and traditional bio-modifiers.

With the strength of the patented MDmatrix™  formula as the main ingredient in each AloeMD™ product, we are uniquely placed in the market to provide relief and recovery to those suffering with injuries and chronic pain.

Our Founder

Christopher Hardy is an industry leader in developing innovative health, wellness, cosmetic, and anti-aging products derived primarily from natural aloe vera due to its renowned healing, reparative, and restorative properties. While running global operations for a multi-billion company and distributing aloe vera products worldwide, he witnessed the remarkable healing power of aloe vera for various maladies.

After a decade of industry leadership, Chris discovered that the industry itself was inauthentic and misleading. Dedicated to helping others find natural alternatives to health concerns and determined to find a better way, he created the entire family of AloeMD™ wellness products, including Ultimate RepairX™--all of which utilize the effectiveness of natural aloe vera and complete ingredient transparency.

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Our Products

Natural. Sustainable. Drug-free.

AloeMD’s products are formulated by medical doctors, patented, and validated by 20 years of clinical research. All are made of natural, organic ingredients without harsh or harmful chemicals.

Ultimate RepairX™ is a revolutionary topical cream that absorbs into the skin on contact and works instantly to address joint pain and muscle aches due to injury, inflammation, and chronic conditions. Made of 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals or drugs, this aloe vera-based solution has been clinically proven to relieve pain and inflammation and restore healthy tissue function which leads to rapid recovery.

PPA Pro Pickleball Association Logo

URX is Proud to be a Pro Pickleball Association Sponsor

Christopher Hardy is an avid fan and player of the world’s fastest-growing sport of pickleball, and AloeMD™ is a proud sponsor of the elite Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour. Pro athlete brand ambassadors use and recommend Ultimate RepairX™.


Results Too Good Not To Share

Customer Testimonials

Fast Results

"The first day of using URX I began to feel relief. Now the pain has almost totally subsided after 3 days."

— R. Bartlett

Stay in the Game

"I received pain relief fairly quickly. I experienced relief within a few minutes and was able to stay playing when normally I would have to sit out."

— D. Jones

NBA Hall of Famer/ Pickleball Pro

"Recovery is JUST as important to my performance as my pickleball paddle. That's why I use it."

— Rick Barry

Pro Pickleball Player

"I use it for recovery during and after my matches and I play all 3 events. It’s just amazing how fresh I feel throughout the rigors of tournament play."

— Jay Devilliers


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Natural. Sustainable. Drug-free. Good for you, good for the planet.

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