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Ultimate RepairX is a proud sponsor of the elite Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour. Pro athletes from a variety of sports use and recommend Ultimate RepairX.



Callie Smith is one of the world’s top pickleball pros on tour with the Professional Pickleball Association. Raised and is currently living in Orem, Utah, she was taught tennis at a very young age and played tennis at Orem High School, winning four high school state championships. She went on to play tennis at the University of Utah and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and a Minor Degree in Nutrition. When she decided to pursue pickleball as a profession in Fall 2019, she took Gold in her first two tournaments. Since then, Callie has amassed over 60 medals in professional events and is a U.S. Open Women's Doubles Gold Medalist. She concluded 2022 ranked #3 in PPA rankings for Women's Doubles, and #5 in Women’s Singles.


Callie embodies every quality we hold dear. Family-first, hard work, perseverance, she is kind, generous, compassionate and endearing. She works incredibly hard on her game and in training her body, and she is a great teammate. “Callie is relentless - I have seen her come from behind so many times to win matches - she never quits,” explains URX’s Founder & CEO, Chris Hardy, “And she always has time for fans that approach her. I first met Callie at a PPA Tournament and she promptly picked up a game with my 10-year-old son and his friend. My son will never forget that."


Callie's healthy lifestyle with a focus on natural wellness makes a partnership with URX a perfect fit. She is wife to Kyle Smith and supermom to two beautiful children who regularly accompany her on tour. "I have had the pleasure to meet Callie's entire family and they are all such wonderful people. We feel tremendously privileged and fortunate to have Team Callie aboard!" Tough as nails on the court, all family off the court and a love of for the entire AloeMD portfolio of innovative natural wellness products, yes, we'd say that it is a perfect match!



Named by Barstool Sports, “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports” in August, 2022, Tyson McGuffin is all THAT. From a 1% bodyfat physique, to his signature mullet and matching moustache, stylish outfits and two full-tatted sleeves, Tyson brings a high-octane level of excitement to every match he plays in. He finished 2022 ranked #2 in Men’s Singles on the PPA Tour.


A natural-born athlete, Tyson grew up in a family of wrestlers in Lake Chelan, Washington with his father a high school wrestling coach. He also played tennis winning two state titles for Lake Chelan his junior and senior years. He chose a scholarship for tennis over one for wrestling upon graduation. He was the Head Tennis Pro at the Yakima Tennis Club for six years before being introduced to pickleball. He turned pro after just six months of playing and his success was immediate, winning Silver in Men’s Singles at Nationals his first year of turning pro. Tyson has been Top 5 in the world all three events for the last 4 years.


“I first met Tyson during consumer testing at the first pickleball event I ever attended,” Chris Hardy, Founder & CEO of AloeMD explains, “I was in awe watching him in tournament play, but since then, getting to know him and his family has truly been an honor. Tyson is an amazing talent, but an even better human being. We are thrilled to partner with him in establishing AloeMD Plus as a vital component to every pickleballer’s regiment promoting consistent, high-level play and longevity.”


Tyson serves as an IPTPA and PPR certified coach teaching through his personal business ventures: Tyson McGuffin Signature PB Camps, TM PB Coaching, and the Tyson McGuffin Show Podcast. He is incredibly engaging with kids and has a true passion for teaching. He is husband to Megan McGuffin and they have three beautiful children.



Jay is among the best pickleball players in the sport for all three divisions and is currently #5 in World Rankings. His imposing stature and fiery demeanor on the court belie his easy-going, good nature and great sense of humor off the court that have made him one of the most beloved athletes on tour by both fans and pro pickleballers, alike.


Born in Montevrain, France he grew up through the junior ranks dominating local competition. He spent 3 years at the Bruguera Tennis Academy, one of the top academies in Spain, trained there by top ATP pros Sergi and Luis Bruguera, and Fernando Luna. In 2013, he joined the Wichita State tennis program and a career in professional tennis seemed certain, however fate interceded with his first child and he chose to stay in Kansas to raise his family over life as a touring tennis pro. In 2019, he transitioned to pickleball after being introduced by fellow PPA stars Lucy Kovalova and Pat Smith, then taking the Director of Pickleball position at Chicken N Pickle. He literally exploded on the pro pickleball scene amassing over 65 medals on the Pro Tour over the last 3 years.


“Jay is a superstar for the PPA, with all the physical gifts that have made him instrumental in moving pickleball into the mainstream of professional sports,” stated Chris Hardy, AloeMD’s CEO. “He is kind, generous, and incredibly fun to be around- we could not wish for a better representative of our products and our Company. Much more than that, we are fortunate to have him as a friend.”


Jay and his wife Aleksandra share three beautiful boys, welcoming their newest addition to the family in October 2022. He loves skiing in the winter, playing soccer, auto racing, and traveling with his family.

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"I use it for recovery during and after my matches and I play all 3 events. It’s just amazing how fresh I feel throughout the rigors of tournament play."

— Jay Devilliers


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